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Savings Programmes

Your savings account is the key to HCB TRUST Ek. för.‘s success. There is no limit on the amount which can be deposited. Funds may be withdrawn at any time, however, a minimum deposit of $5,000.00. must remain in the account if continued membership is desired. Quarterly dividends are paid.

When you join HCB TRUST Ek. för., your initial minimum deposit of $5,000.00 opens a savings account as your primary account. You can also set up other savings accounts and label them individually. This makes it easy to keep everything in the right place to accomplish your goals. Each account is shown separately on your statement and transaction receipts for your convenience. Your funds will also earn a competitive interest rate while on deposit.

By labelling your savings accounts individually, you can partition your funds to prepare for those expected and unexpected needs. Whether you are saving for a vacation, to pay your bills or even a car down payment, our savings accounts will flex to meet your individual needs.


Checking Programmes

In today’s fast-paced world you need a checking account that doesn’t complicate your life. HCB TRUST Ek. för. has several checking accounts for you to choose from and we think you’ll find just the right fit for you. Open your checking account today. It’s the smart way to manage your money.

Checking Account

HCB TRUST Ek. för. has your best interest in mind with a checking account.
Most checking accounts offer similar services, but there can be a big difference in what you pay for those services from place to place. We are a not-for-profit organization so that makes our checking accounts cost less and returns higher than similar accounts elsewhere.


Share Draft

Share Drafts were developed for members and their families as an alternative to bank checking. A share draft looks like a check and is accepted anywhere a check is accepted.

HCB TRUST Ek. för.’s Share Draft account has many other advantages over checking accounts at other financial institutions.

These advantages include:


The only cost our members pay is the cost of printing their personal checks and that fee varies on the style of check chosen. Our Share Draft accounts are truncated, which means that no cancelled drafts will be returned.

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