About Us

Learn More About Our Key Commitments to Our Members

HCB TRUST Ek. för. is closely-regulated & operates in a prudent manner just like any other financial institutions. You will also find that you do not need to access HCB TRUST Ek. för. in the traditional sense. You can connect to your accounts 24/7 through the phone, online, at a network ATM or through the mail. We offer all types of financial services including loans, savings accounts, checking accounts, Internet account access and more. Our other services include on-line banking, consulting for private label debit card issuing as well as opening of correspondent accounts.

HCB TRUST Ek. för. is fully capable of taking in deposits without any type of capital requirements. Most financial services are usually restricted to the accepting of deposits and loans to its customers/members. Therefore, it would typically be expected to operate as a traditional savings and loan institution with the capitalization originating through customer/member contributions. However, it is feasible that such an entity could also issue guarantees (CD’s for example) as well as other financial instruments.

We operate as an excellent platform for raising capital through international deposit taking (issuing of CD’s, etc) and for engaging in savings & loan activities in general. We are a financial institution striving to serve your financial and economic needs. While we serve the financial needs of employees of our sponsor companies, we are a separate entity.

Our Key Commitments To Our Members

We promise that we will act fairly and reasonably in all our dealings with you by meeting all the commitments and standards.

When you have chosen an account or service, we will give you clear information about how it works, the terms and conditions and the interest rates which apply to it.

We will help you use your account or service by sending you regular statements and keep you informed about changes to our interest rates, charges or term and conditions.

We will deal quickly and sympathetically with things that go wrong and consider all cases of financial difficulty sympathetically and positively.

We will treat all your personal information as private and confidential and operate secure and reliable banking and payment systems.