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As a HCB TRUST Ek. för. customer or member, you will be part of a financial organization that exists to serve you – not make profits. Your thoughts and opinions will be eagerly sought out when we implement changes, present new products and revise existing services. We do not deduct any withholding tax on interest payments.



Members can be of any nationality and reside anywhere in the world. We accept members only by referral from our partners and affiliated companies. Services are not available to the general public and to residents of certain countries. As a member you must report the interest income and comply with the tax regulations in your country of residence. We strongly recommend that you seek local counsel in your country before deciding to open an overseas account, in order to properly assess the tax and legal consequences and to identify any local reporting requirements.

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To enjoy all the time-saving, lifestyle-enhancing privileges of HCB TRUST Ek. för., you just need to sign up. If you qualify for membership, you can join HCB TRUST Ek. för. by completing the Membership Application Form and by paying a one-time membership fee of $500. The benefits you’ll receive will far outweigh that fee.

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